What is toothache,the causes,precautions, home and natural home remedies discussed in detail.

Speedy Recovery of Awful Toothache

The most common reason people opt for a dentist is a toothache. Toothache can be unpleasant or intense, scratch, burn, or be painful. It can be continuous or irregular or located in a tooth or the entire jaw. Denture pain is an irritation or discomfort around or inside the tooth that suggests that the abscess is likely. Having a toothache is a condition that causes agony — always described as discomfort or pain with soreness around or within the tooth signifying irritation and possible infection, which may or may not have an abscess. It mostly affects the pulp chamber that has tiny blood vessels and nerve endings of the tooth. This condition of tooth pain may develop that you least expect it. Thus, knowing some remedies to relieve the pain is very important. Let’s discover the causes, how to stop, and home remedy for toothache.

How toothache occurs


Dental caries causes tothache

Dentures usually result from bacteria that create acid that has left our teeth. If we do not look after our mouths properly and form bad habits, then the bacteria known as ‘Tartar’ or ‘Plaque’ will create a soft, sticky film on our teeth leading to Tooth Decay and Gum Disease.

Tooth decay occurs when three layers of a tooth get affected.

Enamel- we know it as the outer layer of the tooth. 

Dentine – Once the decay has made its way through to the dentine, the decline will start spreading more rapidly towards the Pulp Chamber of the tooth. 

Pulp/Nerve Chamber – This vital area contains the nerves of the teeth and the blood supply. As the bacteria progresses closer to the nerve, pain in the tooth will become more intense. On-time consultation with the dentist may help to overcome the fear of permanent tooth extraction. 

Periapical Abscess or toothache

Concentrated pus accumulation in a tooth or a surrounding surface is a dental abscess. It happens because of tissue decay and usually surrounded by an inflamed region. Discharging is a dense, typically white liquid that includes bacteria, dead tissue, and blood cells. The abscess takes place because of a bacterial infection.

      • Usually the dentist drains the pus from the abscess, and this action alone will give considerable relief to the patient. A periapical abscess requires root canal treatment, and we perform this treatment to save and restore the dead inner part of the tooth. You understand that the infection and abscess are likely to return if you do not deal with the dead pulp.
      • The root causes for the dental abscess are gum disease or tooth decay. Both these we can prevent by maintaining proper oral hygiene – brushing, flossing, avoiding alcohol and smoking, and limiting sugary drinks. 

Dentine Sensitivity and toothache

As gum shrinks (gingival recession), the sensitive tooth (dentine) grows.

      • Age or mistaken tooth burn or gum infection (periodontal disease) may lead to gingival recession.
      • Symptoms of dentine discomfort can range from mild to sometimes cold to severe and persistent pain.
      • The solution relies on the harshness of the signs from the dull coatings applied briefly on the exposed surface to cover the opened surface with a robust filling.

Periodontal disease (periodontal abscess)

Bacteria damage gum, causing swelling and pus build-up between the gum and teeth.

      • Periodontal disease in its early stages (gingivitis) is preventable and still reversible. When left uncontrolled and untreated, it will progress to the irreversible (periodontist). It causes pain, loss of bone, and loss of a tooth.
      • Your regular dentist and periodontist (gum specialist) will ask you how your periodontal infection can we can avoid and treat.

Temporo mandibular Joint Pain (jaw pain)

The trauma or stress on the joints connecting your lower jaw to your skull can cause hardened pain, toothache, and headaches.

      • It  often caused by stress and bruxism.
      • The occasional episode can be strengthened quickly against anti-inflammatory and painkiller.
      • A dentist who creates an adjustable tool (mouth split) may have to deal with higher rates of pain to help the jaw and muscles around them relax and recover.
      • Specific causes of toothache include sinusitis, a broken tooth, and a wisdom tooth eruption.

Toothache home remedy


Visiting a dentist is inevitable, but some remedies may offer instant relief from this condition.One of the most natural treatments to relieve dental pain is to apply an ice pack to the affected area. Wrap the ice in a soft cloth and place it on the cheek against the area of ​​pain. You can apply it directly on the affected tooth. The ice will calm and eventually numb the mouth, which provides instant relief to the tooth. But keep in mind that ice contact with the affected area should only be maintained for a minimum of twenty minutes and then eliminate it. Replace it after a few minutes.

massaging the ear or hand lobe

Another instant dental cure that eliminates stabbing pain is simply massaging the ear or hand lobe. You may find this very counter-intuitive, but it worked too many people.

      • If the affected tooth is on the right side, you should massage the right lobe of the ear or hand. If the pain is on the left side of the mouth, then rub the portion of the left ear or the left hand. It is because of the presence of different pressure points in the body. Gently massaging the exact place will not relieve the pain in the tooth.
      • A few minutes after performing the self-massage, you will feel the relief it brings.

Mint tea for toothache

Mint tea is another effective cure for a painful tooth.

      • What you should do is a soak at least one teaspoon of mint leaves that were dried in boiling water. Leave it there for twenty more minutes to extract the juice. Strain the leaves and leave until warm.
      • Use the tea as a mouthwash, shaking it around the mouth, especially in the affected area for two seconds before spitting it out. Repeat this process as necessary.
      • If you do not want to use it as a gargle, you can get a small amount of the mint leaf extractor and apply it directly to the affected gum area. Tea slightly numbs the mouth, which will help relieve pain.
      • Mint bags are available in the market or at a health store that you can also use if you cannot find dried mint leaves.

toothache and clove oil

Perhaps the most popular homemade toothache cure is clove. The latter is a spice known for its many medicinal properties that widely used.

      • The oil in this tooth provides immediate relief for pain in the tooth by numbing the area of ​​the gums that usually affected by having direct contact with it.
      • Clove oil has proven very useful as many dentists also use it and serve as a topical anesthetic. In many trials, this oil or any gel it contains is as active as Benzedrine for pain reduction.

natural analgesic nature of clove

To use this, take a piece of clean cotton and put a few drops of oil.

      • Place it directly on the painful tooth. You can also choose to place the drops directly on the tooth or dilute it if necessary.
      • If you don’t have the oil, you can crush a whole tooth, dip it in warm honey to temper the taste and chew it with the tooth that has a problem.
      • Keep it in close contact so it relieves the juices, and its natural analgesic nature heals the pain.

use of pepper and vinegar for toothache remedy

Other older people, but an effective cure for tooth pain, is the use of paper and vinegar.

      • To do this, you must cut a check-size paper and then soak it in the vinegar.
      • After it must well soaked, sprinkle a little pepper on one side. It should mark the sprinkled region with the affected teeth on the bottom of the cheek.
      • Secure the paper with a clean bandage and leave it there for at least an hour or until you feel the pain is diminishing.
      • These remedies are just some most used at home when you experience pain in the teeth. You can try one or even a combination of these remedies to mitigate the pain you feel. But if the symptoms get worse, they are very persistent; It is still advisable to visit a dentist to heal on time.

toothache natural remedies

The pain caused by an infected tooth is a condition that can make us feel miserable. The intense pain that it entails does not allow us to drink or eat anything because it can make the sensation worse. This condition usually occurs when bacteria invade and infect the pulp chamber area in the tooth which contains blood vessels and nerve endings. This condition can weaken us, but we should not give up as there are many natural remedies for a toothache that can cure it. Here is a list of those home remedies that you can try to eliminate the pain in your teeth.

saltwater gargle for toothache pain

The toothache remedy, often used, is a saltwater gargle.

      • The combination of a tablespoon of salt with warm water in a glass will prepare this quickly. We can use the mixture as a mouthwash.
      • Shake it around the mouth, pointing to the affected areas for a few minutes before spitting it out. While doing this and the water is in contact with the tooth, it undergoes the osmosis process whereby salt water dehydrates the bacteria in the tooth.
      • Repeating this twice can produce better results to decrease pain.

a good drink of liquor for toothache relief

What many people do not realize that one of the fastest ways to remedy a toothache is through a good drink of liquor.

      • Squeeze a cotton swab and dip it in vodka, brandy or whiskey and place it on the affected area.
      • You can also use this as gargling if you cannot tolerate direct contact.
      • This liquor has an original content that helps numb the tooth which reduces pain.

Garlic is a natural cure for toothache

Garlic is another natural cure for toothache.

      • Take whole garlic and crush it until it is skinny.
      • Get some salt and mix it with the garlic paste. Apply a small amount directly on the cavity of the affected tooth.
      • Garlic has natural antibacterial content that will kill those bacteria that cause pain in the tooth. It will mitigate the pain you are feeling.

Use almond, mint, or vanilla extract in toothache

Another way to relieve toothache is to use almond, mint, or vanilla extract. Get a cotton swab and saturate it with any of these extracts. The soaked cotton will keep in touch with the affected tooth for a few minutes, and it will surprise you that this can eliminate the pain.

Tea tree oil for toothache

We well know tea tree oil for its many benefits, including the cure for pain caused by dental infection.

      • We can use this because of its many healing properties. You can drop it directly into the tooth cavity.
      • If you don’t feel comfortable doing it that way, you can get cotton balls and put a few drops of oil on it.
      • Hold the cotton over the affected area for two minutes. You can also dilute the oil in warm water and have your mouth rinse. Use this to ward off bacteria from the infected tooth.

Raw onion antibacterial property

Another effective remedy for toothache relates to raw onion. The onion possesses antibacterial properties. It is more than enough to chew the raw onion for 3 minutes to get rid of all the germs in the mouth. If you do not want to chew the onion, you can put a small piece of it on the affected tooth and gum.

Apply potato for toothache

The potato is very useful also for curing the aching tooth. Peel off a piece of raw potato and crush it. Hold it in the problematic tooth until you feel that the pain is already diminishing, you can also mix the mashed potato with a little salt before applying it.

Lime can reduce toothache pain

You can also reduce pain by using lime in the area. You just cut a slice of lime. You can bite the slab in the problem area and keep it there so you can extract the juice correctly. But if your teeth have a high sensitivity to cold, you can bring the sliced ​​lime to room temperature before applying it directly.

Cucumber for sensitive teeth

If you have cucumber at home, its use in the area can also reduce pain.

      • Take a small slice of fresh cucumber and place it in the sore area of ​​the gums.
      • If you have put in a refrigerator before, you must bring it to room temperature before applying it. But if you’re not so sensitive to cold, that fresh sliced ​​cucumber is very relaxing.
      • You can also crush the cucumber and add it with a pinch of salt before putting it in the tooth cavity.

Use of Fresh banana leaves for toothache

If the pain in the tooth attacks you unexpectedly, you can also grab fresh banana leaves to cure it.

      • Chew the blade to crush it. If your problem area is too sore and you can barely eat it, try to do it on the other side.
      • Spit the mash leaf leaving enough to place on the tooth and keep it there until the pain disappears.
      • The pain caused by an infected tooth can hit you without warning. We can’t ignore this condition. So being prepared to face this can guarantee great relief.

Asafetida- miraculous herb for toothache

Asafetida is a miraculous herb that is an effective relief from toothache.

      • Usually, it is crushed in a small amount of lemon juice and heated for a few minutes to extract the lotion.
      • Get a clean cotton swab and then dip it in the cream. The soaked cotton should be placed directly on the tooth cavity.
      • It helps in disappearing the pain after a few minutes of contact.
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