The unique taste of tea egg will blow your mind.

Do You Continually Ask the Tea Egg

Classic, mostly regional variety of Chinese food. We can choose from a wide range of products, and tea eggs are one of China’s best-known chefs. It is a universally celebrated snack from China that is edible in most parts of China. The tea egg is a long-established egg processing product. They often call it tea egg in northern China. It is a special boiled egg that they shift to tea while cooking. In Taiwan, tea eggs are usually very familiar. The preparation method of tea eggs is straightforward. I am also very handy. Therefore, you can find it almost everywhere; on the street, bus stops, markets, community halls, where tourists and pedestrians are practically everywhere. The tea eggs’ color is lovely. It’s vitamin-rich too. Check it out every time you feel comfortable.

The simple fresh snacks | Tea egg

In Malaysia, you can easily find tea eggs sold in most tea sourcing stores. The scents of tea egg cooked in rice cookers are one of the critical evocative flavors connected with Chinese convenience stores.

Yet tea eggs are just new and easy snacks. The most fun aspect is how they make it. It looks cute when peeled. In the neighboring areas, we also can discover a lot of variation in egg snacks. The primary reason for the egg selection is the handling time and the taste, which may change by each choice. 

Again, Indonesian Telur Asin duck eggs usually marinated for three weeks of water and salt. In Taiwan, Malaysia, and Singapore, pickled eggs people always consider the right choice and eat daily in snacks or breakfast. This snack is particularly helpful in cold weather, as with other herbal broths, to warm the skin.

different varieties in tea egg

Several variations with tea eggs can be found. Whenever you get time to visit a nearby Chinese restaurant, have a look at the menu. The variety will surprise you, especially if you are there to try something unique and delightful.

The favorite tea eggs include: cola, rose tea, star anise tea, lovely, scented tea, Tieguanyin tea, and homely tea eggs, etc. The most commonly-advised are cola tea eggs.

The ingredients during cooking are responsible for the variety. Together with an egg, there are other things in our kitchen that we need. The primary purpose of cooking is to master skills because of the taste. A minor balance adjustment will gradually alter your tea egg’s fragrance and flavor. Be patient and make a decision today about what you want for your snacks.

flavors that makes tea egg delecious

It is always fun and easy, making tea eggs, but it requires the perfect combination to bring up the taste. The taste of street food has always been different. We can try to match the taste, but most of the time, it fails.
I still find the ideal indicator of the various ingredients when I go to the kitchen. Dried shiitake mushrooms in Taiwanese food are a common ingredient. Sun Lakes’ popular seller of tea eggs made especially for this recipe in Taiwan. Many tea egg consumers are not allowed to access the secret ingredient online. Apply orange peel to the recipe during cooking.
Tea eggs with algae, red, and white sesame seeds are suitable for serving. Follow me to know the flavor of tea eggs without sacrificing.

What is it that you need to make Tea Egg

        • 6 – 12 Eggs
        • 6 Cups of water
        • 2 tbsp of sugar
        • 2 tbsp of salt
        • One stick of Cinnamon
        • 2 Star Anise
        • Two bags of red/black tea
        • One pack of Oolong tea
        • 1 cup of soy sauce,
        • Four cloves of garlic 
        • 2 tsp of Cumin powder
        • 1 tbsp cayenne pepper

Prepare all the ingredients and remember a few tips before you make a tea egg. The exact proportion, we must not forget to make tea egg awesome. Here considered cumin, garlic, and cayenne pepper as an optional choice. Because few people aren’t happy with cumin and garlic. So it is essential to be able to use the ingredients. Ultimately, we note that we must find half a cup of soy and one tbsp of salt for every three cups of water during cooking.


chinese food recipes


      • First, take a clean pot.
      • Now add water into the pot. Put eggs into the water. Just remember the water level must remain just above the egg level.
      • Now boil the egg for 5-6 minutes. 
      • Don’t high up the fire. The eggs break into the bowl and blend otherwise.
      • It’s safer to have a medium flame. Once the eggs perfectly cooked, take them out.
      • The next move is to underwater the eggs and allow them to soak five minutes.
      •  It is your trick to break your eggs because the eggs aren’t tricky yet. The yolk will remain half fluid from the inside.

Take a spoon or butter knife, then gently crack the outer shell of the egg. We need to do it for the whole egg.

We must remember it will not completely break. Gently, lightly, don’t make it much harder.

allow the seasonings to sink into the egg

Make sure you have cracked the egg all the way around. The idea behind it, allowing the seasonings to sink into the egg itself. Thus, you can explore the taste when you serve.

Now it’s the time to add the spice. Add the remaining stuff; 2 tbsp of sugar, 2 tbsp of salt, 2 Star Anise, one stick of Cinnamon, two bags of red/black tea, one bag of Oolong tea, four cloves of garlic, 2 tsp of Cumin powder, 1 tbsp cayenne pepper.

  • Just turn on the flame.
  • Mix well together and ensure at least 20 minutes of boiling.
  • Do not forget to put the lid on the pot, and after 20 minutes, return to the oven.

breathe the awesome aroma of the tea egg

Once the egg gets cooked, shut out the heat.

  • Let it stay in the broth without flame for at least 20 minutes or more.
  • Turn the heat to low and let it simmer for approximately an hour.
  • We can now breathe the healthy scent of the tea egg 
  • Disable the heat. Let the eggs soak for an hour or two within a delicate broth.
  • However, the idea is that the taste will sit there. We want to cool the egg in the broth because it has been egg-pumped into the flavor.
  • Once we take it off, it looks like a map. You can serve it with rice, or you can put it on the bread. Finally, your tea egg is ready to taste.
Is Tea Egg Good or Bad
  • Tea reduces blood pressure, refreshes the mind, and relieves tiredness.
  • It contains tannic acid, which can stop a stroke effectively.
  • We use fluoride in the prevention of oral diseases.
  • Black tea could stop skin cancer effectively.
  • Tea polyphenols are abundant in excellent antioxidants that can prevent the development of cancer, anti-aging, anti-inflammation, and others. It is a health and wellness product.
  • The average tea consumption is excellent for you. Cooking an egg in tea can affect your well-being.
  • The expert states that this tea contains biocidal, alkaline, and acidic elements. During cooking, the eggs are penetrated and mixed with the iron found in the eggs.
  • This mixture is very annoying for the stomach. It will influence over time the digestion and absorption of nutrients that are not useful for people’s health.
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