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Raspberry Juice homemade recipe

Raspberry juice, one of the most cherished in the world, requires no intro to its taste and wellness. Raspberries are a semi-flower, a species of the genus Rubus of the rose family. With a charming flavour and a pleasing scent, Raspberry juice is a red raspberry drink, obtained by pressing.

Due to low-calorie raspberries, we can eat it without restrictions. The sugars in Raspberry juice are easily absorbable, primarily fructose as well as sugar.

The specific content of these sugars depends upon many elements: environment, soil material, etc. With raspberries, you can prepare an extremely healthy raspberry juice: it’s medical and aesthetic residential properties are comprehensive.

Homemade Raspberry Juice

This recipe is going to show you how to make bloody raspberry juice.


  • ½ a cup of raspberry
  • ¼ cup of water
  • ½ tbsp of honey.


  • The process is super simple. Just put it in the mixing cup and blend well.
  • Then use a small colander and drain out. 
  • If you want to add little sweetness to the juice, then natural sweetener ‘honey’ you need to add.
  • Now you can set the raspberry juice inside cups or bottles to make them look like blood. Enjoy it with your friends and family.
Apple Raspberry Juice Recipe

How to Make Apple Raspberry Juice


We are going to do now is apple and raspberry juice. It is one of the preferred energy drink. So, there you don’t have to buy any of those fake power drinks. You should do it at home and get an excellent stimulant. 


Now what you need is

  • About two medium apples and
  • Half a cup of raspberries.


  • Now take the apples and cut them into four pieces. We must keep the skin is where we will get the most incredible abundance of flavonoids. Then put them in the juicer.
  • Switch on the juicer and proceed with the apples. You’ll also see how blurry the hue is. It’s nutritious and just as good for you.
  •  Let’s add the red, beautiful raspberries. You’ll get a lot of antioxidant and fat burning fibres to defend yourself against the ageing sun better.
  • Take a strainer and separate the juice.
  • You won’t get a ton of juice from your raspberries, but still has a lot of nutrients. So, this is a great natural energy drink ready to serve.
  • If you want to save it later, put it in an airtight jar. I’m happy to use those good old preserves, make sure they are airtight and packed into the refrigerator. You have your apple and raspberry juice to enjoy.


Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade Recipe

Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade

Here is your fantastic and super easy raspberry lemonade recipe. It’s super easy to make, and then you could store that in the refrigerator. You can make your lemonade any time you want.


So, this recipe includes 

  • Tonic water, 
  • Raspberries sugar, and 
  • Lemon juice. 


  • Combine all the ingredients into a medium-sized saucepan. 
  • Add half a cup of white granulated sugar. You can also substitute this with honey or agave syrup. 
  • Add one cup of lemon juice. You can use bottled 100% juice. You can always use fresh lemon and use the juice.
  • Just pour that in and add a cup and a half of raspberries.I prefer using some fresh raspberries you can also use frozen ones.
  • Together with the lemon juice and sugar, let’s whisk and muddle those raspberries. Then take this to the flame.
  • Cook this for about 15 to 20 minutes until the raspberries fall apart and we have a lovely thick syrup. 

Cool it before you strain

  • It just likes this with the raspberry seeds inside. Just let it cool completely before you add it into your lemonade, or you could put it through a fine-mesh strainer, and then you’re just going to have a pure raspberry syrup. 
  •  So just put some ice cubes into each glass to make your lemonade, and I also have some chilled tonic water. And there’s still some sugar in tonic water. It will add a little sugar to that. 
  • Now add about three or four spoons of our prepared raspberry syrup to each glass. 
  •  There you can even add a slice of fresh lemon. You can add tonic filling water to the tip to give it a nice look.
  • You can take your spoon and make this a simple swirl, and you are prepared to enjoy this beautiful pink colour. Now add a little bit of garnish; some mint leaves, some blueberries, some fresh raspberries to kind of spruce up the drink.
  • Taste a great and refreshing drink, the authentic lemonade with a fruity raspberry coming through, perfect drink during the summertime.
Watermelon Raspberry Strawberry Juice Recipe

Watermelon Raspberry Strawberry Juice

Let’s make some juice, in fact, our favourite Watermelon Raspberry Strawberry Juice.


These are all the ingredients that you’re going to need.

  • Ginger (a tiny piece to add a flavour)
  • Watermelon- 4 cups(chopped)
  • Raspberry-1 cup
  • Strawberry-1cup
  • Lemon juice (1/4 cup)
  • Sweetener (to taste)


  • Put all the fruits into the blender. You also need some water to add to it. 
  • Now turn on the blender and make sure everything is all blend perfectly before you remove.
  • Now strain the juice. You want it to be all smooth. Especially, use a spoon and press it down so that juice can come right through.
  • Now put lemon into it. Sweeten the juice using granulated sugar or any sweetener you prefer. 
  • Now the juice is ready. You can add lemon and sweetener to the taste. The taste is so refreshing and one of the most preferred juice during summer.

Raspberry juice nutrition

Raspberry juice taste is fantastic, with up to 80% pure curing water and many bioactive compounds, vitamins or minerals in the berries. – it is all in the juice that we must consume it fresh – the usefulness of juice starts to decrease quickly in just 10-15 minutes.

Raspberry juice health benefits are immense as it contains several 

Natural sugarfructose, glucose, sucrose; Staining and nitrogen substances; pectins; proteins, catechins, ketones, alcohols, tannins, anthocyanins

Organic acids; Vitamins – beta-carotene, A, Group B, E, C, H, R; 


Mineralspotassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, chlorine, sulfur, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, molybdenum, fluoride, cobalt, boron etc.

Raspberry Juice Health Benefits

These substances work together toward Eliminating slag, contaminants and excess fluid; enhances the process of blood production and the digestion of proteins, fat and carbohydrates; retains visual acuity; protects the disease in the kidney and the cardiovascular; strengthens the capillary system and its spread.

  • Raspberry juice is known to be one of the most potent sweat and antipyretic.
  • If you have caught a cold or other allergic infection, drink juice with honey or tea. Relief is assured.
  • Heated raspberry juice has a more pronounced exploratory effect. It helps in clearing pores and eliminating contaminants, relieving thirst and lowering headaches.

Raspberry juice also aids in the treatment of atherosclerosis: it contains beta-sitosterol, an anti-sclerotic agent, which rapidly cleanse the vessels and prevents the disease from growing further.

People with high sugar level or diabetic often Drink juice also at reduced appetite and diabetes. It is always advised that drinking 1/4-1/3 cup 3-4 times a day, half an hour before meals may lessen the sugar level also keeps it in control.

Enhances Cardiovascular Function

Raspberry juice is helpful for the disease of the gastrointestinal tract. It is often prudent to use 2-3 tbsp of raspberry Juice with honey and tea at meals-it improves the cardiovascular function and circulation.

 If someone is an arrhythmia – A condition characterized by abnormal heart rhythm, Raspberry juice contains potassium and iodine that helps in maintaining the heart rate regular. When blood pressure is higher, it becomes normal as well. Thus, it is essential to drink this healthy juice every season. 

Natural Raspberry Juice Diuretic Effects

Fresh, natural raspberry juice has diuretic effects, facilitates excess uric acid elimination from the body, helps to treat high blood pressure, kidney disease, anaemia and even Leukemia.

It is safe to drink raspberry juice after a stroke or heart attack. In traditional Chinese medicine, raspberry juice has been used for several years in nerve, sexual fatigue and infertility.

  • In herbal remedies, raspberry juice always preferred as an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antifungal agent in gastric bleeding. Furthermore, It is used to treat hangover syndrome.
  • Externally it is used to wash the eyes with conjunctivitis and to treat acne, eczema and other skin issues.

Raspberry Juice Weight Loss Property

With large quantities of dietary raspberries, people who are undergoing effective antibiotic therapy will benefit from normalizing their intestines and restoring weakened antibodies.

Raspberry juice is not rich with calorie like berries. It can be employed effectively for weight loss, with just 46 kcal of 100 grams of raspberry berries.

Raspberry sugars are ample but are normal and quickly digested carbohydrates. So, the juice feeds our bodies and removes cholesterol, heavy metal salts and other toxins.

It is slightly laxative, enhances the bowel function, and helps to resolve constipation. Again, it helps to throw off the extra pounds. The “raspberry diet” requires just three days to remove 3 kg of surplus weight.

Raspberry juice in cosmetology

Do you know fresh Raspberries juice is more beneficial in Cosmetology? It helps in maintaining the appeal and youthfulness of face, hair and the whole body. o if you want to look young and have tight skin, start consuming Raspberry juice at least twice a week.

Face Mask For Oily Skin

  • For oily skin, it is a suitable mask. Regular rubbing of the face with raspberry juice what you have to do for at least five minutes.
  • Take little cotton wool and dip it in the fresh Raspberry juice. Then slowly rub the cotton wool multiple time within a specific interval over the cleansed face. Then wash a little warm water.
  • This procedure is suitable for oily skin, with enlarged pores prone to acne.

Fresh Juice Minimizes Skin Problems

If you have a Withering skin, with blemishes and also pigment spots, raspberry juice nourishes, tones, cleans, revitalizes as well as bleaches it. 

  • Another method you can try is you can soak a fine little tissue paper or a thin layer of cotton wool. Then dip it in the juice and apply it on the entire face. Remember you have to keep it on the face at least 15-20 minutes.
  • The tissue will dry out after some time. Do not clean with water after removing the mask. Rather clean the face with a dry cotton pad. Try this process at least for two weeks, and you will find the difference in your skin.

Know More About Side Effects

In exacerbations of liver disease, it is essential not to drink raspberry juice. In general, it is much easier to blend it with clean water in a 1:1 ratio. An additional known danger is a sensitivity to allergic reactions.

It is often a good idea for children to give slim, i.e. water-diluted juice. While allergies to Raspberry juice are least likely, seeking a medical practitioner’s advice would be a wise decision.

Can I drink raspberry juice during pregnancy?

There are different theories altogether. Making use of raspberries is too controversial during pregnancy. However, medical professionals believe that it doesn’t cause injury.


Yet, it likewise shows that consuming fresh berries as well as Raspberry tea results in helpful buildings. Researchers also found that Raspberry juice in pregnant women shows promising signs.


Raspberry juice during pregnancy has a beneficial impact on the level of vitamins and micronutrient. It also enhances the body immune system of females expecting a child.

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