Organic Beet Juice, a Radical New Idea

Organic beet juice is undoubtedly a miracle of nature, a juice without additives produced from beetroot roots.

As we know, beet grows easily, and sometimes we all use it. People use beets in certain foods much of the time. We can consume it raw but can be a special ingredient for beetroot soup, beetroot salad and some other such recipes.

If you want to get ahead with your diet schedule, get an organic beet juice. Let’s discover the recipe.

Organic Beet Juice For Improved Health

This reddish root that looks like ordinary vegetables has many beneficial effects on our lives if we consistently eat it.

Therefore, the organic beet juice is also fine, since it is a more condensed extract of the same active ingredients. The only negative thing about juice is the flavour that is not too good at times.

However, if you blend it in an orange juice or something you would like to mix in, the flavour might become tolerable. So why would doctor demand that we drink organic beet juice?

Why do we take care of the juice, and why do we drink it as much as possible, whether or not we are ill? As you guessed, it will treat multiple medical problems and improve everyone’s health.

The advantages can also be seen whether we serve it raw or cooked with such recipes.


organic beet juice benefits

Ingredients For Organic Beet Juice

For serving of Two

  • 2 organic red beets
  • A small piece of ginger (approximately 20gm)
  • A little fresh turmeric (about 10 gm)
  • 2 medium cup water
  • A Pinch of black salt


  • Clean the beets and wash them well.
  • Peel off the beets. 
  • Clean the ginger and turmeric and peel them off.
  • Cut the beets into small pieces, so they are easier to transfer into the extractor.
  • Cut the ginger and turmeric into small pieces.
  • In the juicer, alternate vegetables to make a better combination of ingredients (beet, turmeric, ginger, etc.)
  • Open the cap to add the desired amount of water so that it becomes little thin.
  • If you are bothered by beet residue, don’t hesitate to strain the juice.
  • Add a pinch of black salt, which makes the juice taste awesome.
  • Organic beet juice ready to serve.
beetroot juice benefits for skin

Recipes For Beetroot Salad, Soup

Let’s see how to prepare it properly for a stronger grasp of beetroot recipes!

Steaming the beetroot

This is a really simplistic approach or way to cook it. The steamer is set up, the beetroot is put into the roof, and steams for at least half an hour and at most one hour.

Boil the beetroot

Just boil it in water, pretend it to be a potato. It’s the same technique – boiling potatoes or boiling beetroot.

Baking the beetroot

Baking is also very straightforward, but with beetroot, you can’t use oil or butter. The only way around is to put baking paper underneath – your oven can do the rest of the job.

If the beetroot has been cooked, steamed, boiled, or baked, make sure you peel off the skin. Of course, if you peeled it off before the procedure, there’s nothing to peel off.

Let’s switch to the beetroot recipes here today!

Beetroot Salad Recipe

More ways of preparing beetroot salads are available.

You typically need just 5 to 10 minutes to cook a salad that will catch everyone’s eye, and it is perfect to be eaten in raw form as well.

Imagine how much better salads get with beetroot as an ingredient, because salads are safer by adding vegetables or fruits!

Now I’m going to learn about a simple beetroot salad recipe with apples and green beans besides.

This is a straightforward recipe, and I love it. When I have some time and want to eat something good, I still make this salad.

It takes no longer than 6-8 minutes to cook, and then you can eat it as it is or leave it for an hour to chill in the fridge.

What you need is to cut the ingredients to make them appropriate for the salad. Olive oil and cider vinegar are the only extras required. How much should be put out of each one?

Your taste depends on it! Also, if you’re worried about how many of the 3 ingredients to put, try to get them all about the same number, or add more after taste and tastes from one or another.

Beetroot Soup Recipe

Cooking a delicious beetroot soup for yourself is a great way to eat nutritious food! Olive oil, beetroot, beef stock, garlic, double cream, onion, salt and pepper are all essential ingredients.

  • Add at least 6 beetroots, one normal-sized onion, 3 or 4 cloves of garlic and one tub of beef stock to make it taste good.
  • You can then change the number of ingredients on the next section if your taste varies or you don’t like the end product.
    First of all, the garlic, onions and beetroots need to be peeled and chopped.
  • The soup preparation starts with the olive oil being warmed, preferably three tablespoons of it.
  • You can then add the onions and garlic and cook them long enough to cook but make sure they don’t turn brown. As soon as that’s over, with the beetroot added, it would be best if you had an extra minute of cooking.
  • You need to add the stock after these are cooked, and then, after your own taste, pepper and salt will follow. It should not take more than half an hour to boil the soup, but it could be ready earlier as well.
  • Allow the soup to cool when it’s finished and then, with the aid of a food processor, make it smoother.
  • You should re-heat the soup before serving. In the end, double cream is added as a decoration.

How Much Beet Juice Is Safe

The first thing that is unique about organic beet juice is the strong antioxidant content, which makes it very remarkable.

You are probably aware of the essential role antioxidants play in our lives. Considering also the nutrients in the juice, the following are vitamin C, magnesium, sodium and other nutrients.

Sometimes these nutrients are delivered by swallowing costly vitamin pills that never have 50% of beetroot juice, let alone more.

Since pills do not become normal or absorbed easily in the nutrient flow, the organic beet juice is best suited for these nutrients.

Given the above aspects and knowing that the beetroot juice price is very low, it is advisable to test it and see the benefits!

side effects of beetroot juice

Does Organic Beet Juice Has Any Side Effects

Some people who tried the organic beet juice got terrified because it has an obvious side effect that might make you think you’re sick now. This side effect can be reddish, similar to bloody stools and bloody urine.

However, this is the effect. If you have no discomfort, if you have recently checked your health status with your physician and are currently eating beetroot juice, it’s all normal.


Some may have liver disorders, either from substance misuse, some other illnesses, or even diabetes. You would be very pleased to know that all of these things can quickly remedy your current condition, as it also helps protect your liver.

Protection of the liver is necessary, and organic beet juice is another much better option than medicines. However, this doesn’t always happen, and before using natural juices such as juice, you should always ask your doctor first.

Organic Beet Juice Benefits

Beetroot is a special root used for its beneficial effects by people in all countries. We must all know what beetroot can do to help us, so it’s nice to know alternative solutions to the same issues today.

Our bodies behave differently, and although some remedies support certain individuals, some continue as poor as ever in their circumstances.

Let’s learn about the distinct advantages of beetroot. Next, you need to know how to eat it. Fortunately, there are various solutions. The first choice is to prepare your favourite beetroot recipe as one of the ingredients.

What is a decent recipe? Look at a thorough recipe book or online, and I’m sure you’ll find at least hundreds! It implies, thus, at least a hundred different choices.

The last two choices will then be to eat fresh or organic beet juice. It isn’t pricey, whether fresh or juicy, but when you can keep your money, you can also reap beetroot benefits.

Organic Beet Juice Improves heart Health

The first of the advantages of beetroot is how it improves your heart health. Since conducting experiments on patients of varying ages, scientists have concluded the benefits.

organic beet juice has been very effective in reducing blood pressure and has lasted at least 18-24 hours after consumption.

The first effect, too, was the first decrease in inpatient blood pressure after 30-60 minutes of juice drinking. That said, we highly advise you to consider eating or drinking beetroot if you have high blood pressure.

It cannot harm, and you may also give up on your new medication. Although this couldn’t necessarily be the case with any patient, some people were grateful to save a lot of money because they found they didn’t have to buy their older prescription medications and replace them all with beetroot. It is fantastic!

when to drink beetroot juice

Improved Liver Function With Organic Beet Juice

Let’s concentrate on the liver. The liver is one of the essential bodies inside our corpses, and you will quickly suffer from liver failure or cancer, or some other liver condition if you do not protect the liver consciously.

The most influential causes of liver injury are potentially opioid misuse and diabetes. As you know, you will be very excited to learn that beetroot protects your liver.

Patients with diabetes or alcohol abusively noticed changes in liver function. Thanks to beetroot, I can’t say they were all cured, but they looked better.

Now you can even add any other helpful herbs or juices until you have something to strengthen your current state, to give yourself a better, combination cure-effect!

Some individuals also experience digestive issues leading to constipation. Organic beet juice has helped many people combat constipation, and these changes have taken place in different situations.

Organic Beet Juice for Blood Pressure

Another surprising value is how it can benefit those who do a lot of exercises. Both workouts are like trauma to the muscles because the muscles work a lot and blood sugar levels change as well.

Like if this weren’t enough, you would still get a slightly elevated blood pressure during workouts and often can cause more complications if you’re ignored.

The typical pitfall is that you feel better, more strong if you do exercise and prefer to neglect the actual condition of your muscles and the heart. Beetroot benefits include improving cardiac wellbeing and decreasing blood pressure (as described above) as well as increasing the amount of exercise.

Your muscles are relaxed with beetroot, and your blood pressure is still regular. That said, you know that you will experience full beetroot advantages during workouts!

As regards the workouts, endurance can also be improved by the intake of organic beet juice. Besides, beetroot is high in antioxidants and nutrients. The nutritional benefit is high and deadly illnesses such as cancer are also avoided.

Is Organic Beet Juice Bad For You

The only side effect of organic beet juice (which is not harmful, but needs to be recognised) is evidently bloody urine or bloody stool.

It is an illusion because beetroot creates a reddish hue, not blood. You need to know before you get frightened.

Many people who have found the adverse side effect have been concerned because they have been faced with serious health issues with leaking stools or bloody urine.

Taking all of this into account, the beetroot advantages are very positive and can be appreciated.

Try it if you haven’t tried beetroot before! It’s highly efficient and inexpensive!

Our Top Picks

⇒  What is the right time for organic beet juice? Morning or Night.


It is normal and does not have any major side effects. So morning or night is all right. It would offer all the benefits of wellness.

  Does organic beet juice raise body fat?


It is low in calories and fat. So it will not increase body fat at all; rather, it is a fat cutter.

  Will organic beet juice influence the quality of sleep?


No, it doesn’t have any side effects on sleep. Rather; it improves the quality of sleep.


Organic beet juice alone seems to have the following advantages.

  • Skin will look younger, firmer, more smooth, more toned.
  • Less disease, fewer symptoms, quicker recovery and an enhanced immune system.
  • Enjoy a deeper sleep every night and feels more relaxed.
  • Greater focus, improved brain strength and wellbeing.
  • Provides greater flexibility, stronger and weaker joints.
  • Healthier and improved stomach function with easy digestion
  • Reduced risk for cardiac problems and cancer
  • Helps in weight and fat loss to become a normal body weight and enjoys a lean body.
  • Unstressed and provides a balanced, relaxed and calm mind.

So, what you like and don’t like about the delicious organic beet juice, let’s share in comments below.

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