Do you notice the oolong tea benefits?

Do You Acknowledge the Oolong Tea Benefits

Why Oolong Tea Benefits So Popular Globally?

Oolong tea benefits, few have known and other wonders how much health benefits do Oolong tea possesses. While each type of tea has unique characteristics, Oolong tea benefits are best known for its loss of weight.

Until Dr. Mehmet Oz stated it in his famous TV show, many people had never heard of Oolong tea. Dr. Oz said that Oolong tea includes polyphenols that have proven themselves to improve the metabolism of dietary fat to help regulate body fat.

Dr. Oz says one survey showed that those who drank two cups a day had a burning rate of the calorie of those who drank traditional green tea.

What is different for Oolong tea? And this is the way it is mainly handled. Use oolong tea to help you get the extra bundles if you are looking for good added value to your diet advice and exercise program.

Oolong Tea Benefits Start With Its Processing


Oolong is a traditional Chinese tea from the Camellia Sinensis plant that has oxidation between green and black. 

The oxidation range is between 10% and 70%. In Chinese tea culture, Semi-oxidized teas usually classified as “blue-green tea.”

The taste of Oolong is more like green tea than black tea.

  • It has no rosy, sweet black tea aroma. Also, the stridently grassy vegetal notes typical of green tea.
  • This tea often brewed to be healthy, leaving a sweet aftertaste with bitterness.
  • Generally, two ways of processing the Oolong tea leaves are common. Some teas are rolling into long curly leaves and some in a ball-like shape, like gunpowder teas.
  • The older technique of processing is folded into long, curled leaves.

Many researchers consider Oolong tea benefits to have the same health benefits as green teas. These include a reduced likelihood of cardiac disease and certain cancers. Oolong tea also enhances fat burning and metabolism.

How much caffeine in oolong tea, does it make you worry?

How Much Caffeine In Oolong Tea

Many scientists believe that the Oolong tea benefits are as beneficial as green tea.

These include lower probabilities of cardiac illness and certain cancer types. Many experts also believe that Oolong tea can be linked with increased fat burning and metabolism.

It includes approximately 30 milligrams of caffeine in each Oolong teacup. See our comparison of caffeine for standard drinks for more information.

Usually, 2-2.5 grams of tea we should use per cup. We should prepare Oolong teas with water of 180 ° F to 190 ° F (82 ° C to 87 ° C). Then steep the Oolong tea for 3- 4 minutes. Make sure that the water doesn’t boil.


Nutrition facts of Oolong tea per 100gm serving



Total Fat

0 g


0.2 g


0 g


  • 1-2 tbsp Oolong tea leaves
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 medium tbsp honey
  • 1 medium cup ice

Honey Oolong Tea Recipe

  • What does Oolong tea taste like? Let’s perform the recipe and see.
  • Take a pot, add  1 cup of water and allow it to boil for 2 minutes.
  • Add the desired amount of Oolong tea and allow it to boil at medium flame for the next couple of minutes.
  • Remove the pot and strain the tea into a large cup.
  • Add natural sweetener to taste. I prefer honey then sugar.
  • Make sure you never add honey while boiling, otherwise honey will lose its medicinal properties.
  • Allow it to remain outside for another 2 minutes and then add 1 medium cup ice into it.
  • Your super cup of Oolong tea is ready to serve.

Oolong Tea Benefits - What Is Oolong Tea Good For

Taking Oolong teas reveals the health benefits of Oolong teas to the public.

If you have heat, diabetes, or overweight conditions, it would be a great advantage for you to take this tea. You can buy this tea from the local shop or supermarket in the vicinity.

Drink Oolong green tea for a long time and stay healthy.

Below are the most well-studied advantages of Oolong tea:

      • Prevention of obesity.
      • Help you lose weight.
      • Low blood sugar
      • Improving the quality of life of people with type 2 diabetes.
      • Improve brain function, speed, and performance.
      • Cancer prevention.
      • Anti-aging properties.
      • Prevention of heart disease.
      • Relief from rashes, pimples, and regularly improves skin health.
      • Lowering of hypertension
      • Report on dental density.
      • To maintain tooth decay
      • Building Strength.
      • Improve the quality of life and health.
excellent detoxification characteristics of oolong tea.

Oolong Tea For Weight Loss

Most talk about Oolong tea benefits. However, one of the main advantages is the loss of weight and maintains metabolism.

Take a moment to know how Oolong tea can influence your weight and, therefore, your health.

      • Again, studies have shown that Oolong tea does three things, which contribute to weight loss together.
      • This tea includes antioxidants such as Theaflavin, Catechins, and Thearubigin that can assist in the loss of weighing.
      • Especially, this increases your body’s metabolic rate; it helps in burning unwanted fat, reduces your weight.
      • You will also be happy to know that this tea cleanses your mouth from bacteria. Thus, instead of using a harmful mouth wash, you can use Oolong tea.
      • Oolong tea is more antioxidant than black and green tea. 
      • This tea can also assist you in reducing your level of triglycerides and even stopping type II diabetes from starting up.

Burning Fat​

The advantages of Oolong tea are enormous. Not only is it known for its taste, but it also boosts our overall health.

      • However, one of the most beneficial impacts of Oolong tea for individuals who like to remain in shape is the effect on the waistline.
      • It can support a weight loss program excellent, especially for the removal of carbohydrates from the diet.
      • When organic, Oolong tea is virtually calorie-free and contains only a fraction of the carbohydrate for every serving.

In the same study, fat oxidation of the experimental subjects increased by 12%. The Epigallocatechin (EGCG) present in oolong tea, in combination with caffeine, was speculated to be the formula that enabled oolong tea’s never seen fat-burning properties.

Studies show that your regular Oolong tea consumption will speed up your metabolism and burn about 80 plus more calories a day than you otherwise would have been.

The Role Of Polyphenols

Subsequent Japanese research with the impacts on weight loss of Green Tea and Oolong tea further extended the findings of the Chinese study.

They tested the test subjects thoroughly to green and Oolong tea. As expected, they found the fat burn effects of Oolong tea were more prominent.

However, both the teas had the same levels of the elements, which help in keeping the weight-loss impact. 

The proportionate of caffeine and EGCG in the two teas; meanwhile, they measured and verified the result.

However, they discovered a third group of substances, Polyphenols in Oolong tea at a much higher percentage than in Green tea. 

This finding finally showed Oolong tea’s vital nutritional value.


Good For The Heart

The primary advantage of Oolong tea consumption is its excellent detoxification characteristics.

  • It reduces cholesterol that prevents heart problems naturally.
  • The antioxidants in tea also decrease and remove the unwanted toxins in the body that make the body unhygienic.
  • When your body is free of undesired toxins, it works correctly.

The Natural Stress Buster

You feel relaxed after consuming this tea smoothly.

  • Whatever your work or everyday situation, we have a stress-filled lifestyle.
  • You all have some stress or tension. Sipping Oolong tea will reduce your stress.

The Perfect Caffeine Combination

Caffeine is an authoritative source of stimulation. It improves the metabolism of the body.

  • The latest Chinese research has shown that an individual, when experiences congestion in the energy, gets about 3% of constant calorie intake. 
  • Thus at least 70 calories he benefits by drinking Oolong tea alone. We should never forget that caffeine is more common in Oolong tea than in many beverages.

Best Diet Plan With Oolong Tea

Oolong tea diet is best combined with a carbohydrate diet and also offers longer-term and permanent beneficial health advantages besides instant weight loss benefit.

  • This Oolong tea Carb controlled diet will probably lead to a lower risk of heart disease. And type II diabetes by permanently decreasing your fat deposits and offering you more energy.
  • Again, Oolong tea will also deliver antioxidants for your body to avoid or reverse free-radicals harm.
  • Oolong tea can also increase your skin’s health, immune system function, and metabolic rate by removing free radicals from your bloodstream.
  • Exercise, sleep, and healthy eating practices are a significant component of a healthy diet of weight loss.
  • It promises to produce quicker and more visible outcomes if you include Oolong tea in your diet plan.

Things To Take Into Account In Oolong Tea

We always try to taste a lot of a variety of green tea and Oolong tea. We mostly know Oolong tea as ‘ half-fermented’ tea because fresh tea leaves are only fermented half-way through the abundant enzyme of the leaves during the manufacturing process.

On the other side, Black Tea is fermented.

Like all the other variants of green tea, Oolong tea has the same content for caffeine and polyphenol; It does not include vitamin C.

Although the health advantages are a long list, there can still be side effects for individuals, most of which are because of the presence of caffeine.

health benefits of oolong tea in loosing fat.

Caffeine And Interaction Of Drugs

Effects of Caffeine: Taking caffeine in significant quantities over a lengthy period, including Oolong tea, can lead to dizziness, heart palpitations, irritability, and insomnia.

  • Overdose of caffeine can lead to diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, appetite loss, and headaches.
  • According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, people with vomiting or abdominal spasm may have caffeine poisoning after a tea drink.
  • Caffeine sensitivity can also occur through rashes and hives in the skin.

Interactions of Drugs: Before supplementing their daily diet with oolong tea, people need to consult a healthcare professional.

      • Phenylpropanolamine
      • Oral contraceptives,
      • Weight loss,
      • Monoamine or lithium oxidase,
      • Ephedrine,
      • Clozapine,
      • Chemotherapy,
      • Aspirin and Anticoagulants,
      • Metoprolol,
      • Propanolol,
      • Benzodiazepines,
      • Antibiotic pills, and
      • Adenosine found among those affected by the consumption of oolong tea.

Health And Oolong Tea Consumption

Iron metabolism: The consumption of Oolong tea can impair the healthy metabolism of a person.

      • Anemia may lead to a low red blood cell condition in the body if the body is iron deficient.
      • Anemia creates tiredness and the inability to perform daily and healthy brain function activities.

Concern regarding pregnancy: For nursing or pregnant women, Oolong tea intake should be a minimum.

      • Caffeine can pass through the placenta, affecting the fetus.
      • If they consume large quantities, growth disruptions, low birth weight, or spontaneous abortion could occur.

Other Illnesses: People suffering from anxiety, stomach ulcers, heart problems, and kidney conditions must avoid drinking Oolong tea.

      • Caffeine may disrupt the normal function of the kidney by acting as a diuretic agent.
      • Oolong tea can also speed up the production of stomach acid, often causing or worsening ulcers.
      • Besides, caffeine could increase blood pressure and heart rate.

Oolong Tea Side Effects

Hypokalemia: Low serum potassium concentration disorder.

This effect is prevalent because the excess intake of caffeine affects the absorption of potassium and leads to hypokalemia.

      • Oolong tea can adversely affect Thiamine or vitamin B1.
      • Thus, too much tea can lead to a thiamine or beriberi deficiency.

Stomach Upset: Tannin and caffeine, which are present in Oolong tea, could stimulate gastric acid production. It could be a problem for those with stomach ulcers and heartburn. Excess gastric acid can increase irritation and enter the esophagus.

Glaucoma: Caffeine from Oolong tea can increase the pressure on the eye.

Calcium And Oolong Tea

Bone Weakness: Oolong tea can flush calcium through the urine stored in your body.

  • Thus, this could naturally interfere with your average bone growth. Researchers diagnose only three cups every day in osteoporosis.
  • The supplements of calcium could help to fill up the flushed calcium.
  • If you have hereditary diseases that might affect your system processing of vitamin D, seek a doctor’s advice before you take Oolong tea.

Our Top Picks

⇒  What does Oolong tea taste like


The processing technique of Oolong tea is different according to places. However, the taste usually kind of light grassy taste.Different Oxidation level will bring a different taste to Oolong tea.

   Is there any harm in taking Oolong tea at night?


Not at all. You can have it before going to bed.The small caffeine content in Oolong tea will make you stay focussed. Better to have it during daytime.

   Does Oolong tea affects body’s hydration level?


Yes, it may affect the body’s hydration level. However, the impact is minimal.


Oolong tea benefits are many. Making a habit of consuming 2-3 cup of Oolong tea will bring immense change to the lifestyle of an individual.

Try this tea for at least a week and share your experience with us about your body responds to the tea.

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