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Homemade Cocoa Mix- Simple, Impartial, Perfectly Healthy

A homemade cocoa mix is always a better idea than purchasing any of the supermarket’s available brands. There are several choices available around Nestle Quik, Ovaltine, Carnation, and Swiss Miss

It is quick to make a recipe that allows you to celebrate around Easter for families and friends or during your weekend kitty party. You will let everybody try your homemade treat and gain their hearts by having whatever dessert you imagined, be it a chocolate milkshake or hot chocolate drink.

Great for cold days, your hot chocolate drink requires you to get it to warm water and enjoy it by pouring the cocoa mix.

In the majority of specialty shops or discount shops and your nearest store, you can buy this. You will soon find out a perfect homemade cocoa mix recipe that requires a little time and patience.

Easy Homemade Cocoa Mix

You know hot chocolate is healthy, but why do you like about it too much? Why the taste of homemade foods tastes better than anything else? The reason is simple; it’s homemade—that’s why.

You certainly know that chocolate is healthy for you, anyway. 

Flavonoids include in chocolates. The useful stuff acts as antioxidants and shields our body from cell damage. Flavonoids also influences the development of certain hormones and the beneficial effect on our red blood cells. Chocolate has already been studied, and it has had a positive impact on the individual’s mood.

Make sure you need an abundance of chocolate, not sugars, milk masses, fats, and other additives in your cocoa mix. So, it is frequently a superb choice to add Almond milk or Soy milk before preparing the recipe.

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How to Make Homemade Cocoa Mix



 It will make cocoa mix 8-10 servings (cups)

  • 2 cups skim milk powder
  • 3/4 cup sugar (or amount to taste)
  • 1/2 cup cocoa powder
  • Corn starch two teaspoon
  • 1 small tbsp cinnamon (optional)
  • 2 cups mini marshmallows (You can also add to the cocoa mix if available around your place.)

Homemade Cocoa Mix Recipe


  • Take a bowl and put skim milk, sugar, cocoa, and cinnamon into it.
  • Blend into a perfect mixture. Ensure that the combination is compatible.
  • Then stir in marshmallows. Now your cocoa mix is ready.
  • Then place it into airtight containers and make sure it stays away from moisture.
  • The homemade cocoa mix recipe is ready to serve. For at least one month, you may store it in the fridge and serve.

Prefer a blender if not sure about the mixing in the container. Taking additives often provides the mix with a smooth texture. All the ingredients in the recipe will make you prepare great cups of drink with the cocoa mix.



180-200 calories,


26–32 grams of carbs


 8 grams of protein

Our Top Picks

⇒  What would I use, other than cocoa powder?

Ans. Unsweetened chocolate is the cheapest and most straightforward thing to do is instead of cocoa powder.

⇒  Which is a healthier option? Cocoa or coffee?

Ans.  Compared to caffeine in coffee, which induces heartbeats and raises blood pressure and tension, chocolate lowers cardiac and cardiovascular stress.

⇒  What is regarded as the healthiest Cocoa?

Ans.  Unroasted cocoa beans are typically less refined and more potent. Thus always pick raw cocoa  natural products.


It’s a perfect idea to enjoy a great winter with easy homemade cocoa mix, which is not just a brilliant combination that will make the day great. It’s a beautiful chance. Try and share your experience with this homemade recipe.

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Ronald dickens
Ronald dickens
5 months ago

Thanks for the tips. I made this recipe for the 1st time for my friend, so it really helps. great man
he really liked it

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