Boba tea recipe is always about the right choice during making.

Boba Tea Recipe I’m Lovin’ Bubble Tea

Boba tea recipe, Calories in bubble tea, these question always comes into mind when you find bubble tea around you.

Whenever you get an offer for tea, I am sure that the opportunity you rather like to miss. Allow me to make a cup of tea to alter your mood because tea is always a good idea.

Each tea lover asses tea by a leaf’s appearance, taste, and flavor. Maybe in your life, you’ve tasted several types of tea.

Many collections such as Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Black Tea, White Tea, Yellow Tea, and Pu’erh Tea are available in the market these days. To enhance your alertness and excitement, a lovely cup of tea is enough.

Have you tried a glass of bubble Tea anytime? You heard it right. bubble Tea, a famous Taiwanese tea beverage. However, don’t worry about calories in bubble tea because our recipe is for all ages and with fewer calorie options.

You realize that there are several choices for boba tea recipe, but we recommended going for homemade cheap drinks to all. Test your flavor if you want to add to it. 

What Are The Bubbles In Boba Tea Recipe

Few say bubble TeaBoba Tea, Pearl Tea, etc. The aromas are distinctive too. We can find these beverages in various flavors but prefer black tea and green tea in Boba tea recipe.

The name bubble Tea originates from the bubbles that appear when someone shakes milk. The beverage Boba tea recipe usually contains a milk and tea blend. It comes with pearls such as tapioca ballsBoba popping, grass jelly, fruit jelly, and so on.

Again, it comes in different sizes and colors too. Colors like white, black, pink, green, blue, and yellow are available that brings unique texture to your Boba tea recipe.

It’s a perfect combination of tea leaves, milk, and sugar that makes it an excellent, full-fledged drink.

There are other tea options, including Black tea, Hojicha, Green tea, Matcha tea, Oolong tea, and Jasmine are also there.

The merchants also serve this with unique fruit juice and smoothies that add a unique flavor to the Boba tea recipe.

Is bubble tea bad for you is always about in the frequency of consumption?

Best Bubble Tea Flavor Around You


Fong Thong tea is a mixture made with black tea or oolong tea, milk or fruit flavors, sweeteners, and sticky Taiwanese meat known as QQ. Again, QQ uses tapioca pearls in most cases.

Many fresh drinks like Pearl TeaGotu Kola Tea, and Tapioca Tea, you can easily find places around you.

Another variation is milk tea with tapioca pearls. We call it bubble tea, and it is famous with this name in the rest of the world. Here, small cassava pearls are the most preferred, also called pearls. 

However, you can regulate calories in Boba tea recipe by choosing dairy-free milk like almond milk or coconut milk. 

Let’s say Garlic bubble tea, green tea form with abundant tapioca starch. The size of the pearl is three times larger than in comparison with the previous one, and you have to care about calories in Boba tea recipe.

It is only a personalized tea option if you are looking for yourself, your children, your parents, or your friends. However, make your intention clear to whom you need. 

Boba Tea Nutrition

The calories and nutrition in Boba tea recipe depend on the choice of milk and the syrup you add to your milk.

Furthermore, the choice of tea also decides the calories in Boba tea you take. Here we consider black tea or green tea with a combination of almond milk for this recipe.




50 g


50 g



Boba Tea Recipe Ingredients

  • 1/2 cup tapioca pearls
  • 1 large cup almond milk
  • 2 tbsp black tea
  • Sugar syrup (sweetener to taste)
  • 2 cups of water

Quick Boba Tea Recipe

Recipe Time – 30 min

How to make Boba tea at home? If you can’t go out or no outlet is nearby, you can try Boba tea recipe also at home.

  • First, get a bowl of water and add Tapioca to it. Remember, smaller size to be boiled in water as around 25 minutes whereas 1hr to the larger ones.
  • Once it becomes soft, take it in cold water and lift it to a mixing bowl.
  • Take a teapot. Add 1 cup of water and tea to it. Allow it to boil for 5 minutes on a medium flame.
  • Tapioca itself has no taste. Therefore, once you take out; Add sugar syrup, longan honey, and Marinate the Tapioca for 15 minutes.
  • Strain tea into a jar. Add marinated tapioca and milk to it.
  • Place it in the refrigerator and try it with your drink whenever necessary. You can add it afterward to your preferred beverage, for example, Matcha or Hojicha, etc.
  • Super delicious Boba tea ready to serve.

The process is straightforward. But we have to keep in mind a few things before making it. Tapioca is a kind of starch. Starch can easily mix with water.

Thus, take great care during Boba tea recipe.

Tapioca Vs Calories In Bubble Tea

They process pearls from starch from a cassava plant. Once again, it is observed that the most favored Boba teas are those rich in milk or milk products.

The flavors become more delicious when served with a mixture of condensed milk such as coconut milk, ice cream, soy milk, or other sweeteners such as honey, fructose, sugar syrup, brown sugar, longan honey.

Therefore, it makes the tea rich in calories drink. Let’s inspect the calorie content of several pearls, because calories in Boba tea, always higher.

 Popping Boba (Mango topping)

pink berry (1 scoop)

15 calories

 Popping Boba( Strawberry topping)

Pink berry (1 scoop)

15 calories

Popping Boba ordinary topping

Tasti D-Lite (1 scoop)

15 calories

Popping Boba (Common flavors)

Yogurt land (1 Oz)

35 calories

Popping Boba

TGI Fridays (1 serving)


boba vs bubble tea, different places different names.

How Is Bubble Tea Bad For You

Being parents, we always need it to have a close eye on kids against bubble tea intake. Because it’s popular among the kids who consume more sweet drinks, especially Boba tea.

The reason is its high sugar content. It also calls on the masses not to be attracted to color without knowing its components in Boba tea recipe.

Stresses the guidance of parents on the consumption of less sugary drinks and avoids the intake of bubble tea. We must avoid excess calories in bubble tea and sugar content.

Bubble Tea Market Size And Rising

The popularity of bubble tea is increasing day by day, from regions of Europe, North America, the European Union, and the Asia Pacific to Latin America.

The resource says that 250 varieties of Bubble Tea served people around the world. 

According to Grab dataSoutheast Asians drink an average of four cups of bubble tea per person per month.

Thailand leads the place by consuming six cups of bubble tea followed by the Philippines with an average of five cups.

Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia drink three cups per person per month.

Recently, the Allied Market research report says that in 2016, the global market figure is $ 1,957 million, and by 2023, it is expected to reach $ 3,214 million, with a CAGR growth of 7.40% from 2017 to 2023.

Over 42 percent of the world bubble tea market in 2016 represents the black bubble segment.

Looking at the popularity graph, one can easily predict that calories in Boba tea people are not worried of. But research suggests choose the best and make sure it suits you well.

Where To Order Bubble Tea

In 2016, over 83 percent of the global tea bubbles industry was represented in terms of value by North America and the Asia-Pacific. Bizwit Research & Consulting LLP’s global bubble tea market report shows that the market is forecast to grow by 8.5% between 2018 and 2025.

The Industry major market players are.

  • Kung Fu tea
  • Gong Cha
  • Boba guys
  • Chatime
  • Share Tea bubble tea

How Bubble Tea Affect Your Health

Boba Tea has a considerable amount of sugar, and Pearl is a starch. Thus calories in Boba tea are always high.

Again, the additional flavor is dairy or other dairy products, which is a question mark for continuous use.

Sugar levels are excessive in Boba tea and exceed the perfect daily intake. It requires an informative attitude for one of the most attractive and charming drinks.

Producers must remember to develop a better low-sugar alternative that may be of more significant benefit to the masses.

Our Top Picks

⇒  Is there any difference between Boba and bubble tea?


Boba tea, bubble tea, and pearl milk tea are the same thing. The names taken are different from places.

⇒  Is gelatin present in Boba tea?


Tapioca is a starch derived from the cassava root — gelatin is not normally used for bubble tea production. Bubble tea normally is made in two forms–as a drink for fruity food or a milky drink.

⇒  What is the caffeine content in Boba tea?


Bubble tea may have caffeine, but again the choice of tea during the preparation plays a significant role. A medium glass of bubble tea contains around 120-140 mg of caffeine.


Calories in Boba tea recipe are more. But we can regulate the calorie in our homemade recipe. If you are purchasing it from outside , one must care about the place of purchase and how often you are consuming.

Parents should always take care about the frequency of consumption as it may risk to certain medical consumption in in few kids.

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Being a parent, I must ensure good health for my child, it’s eye- opening to know about your health condition before taking in anything. Thanks man for your guidance 

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